Morning Update: Europe’s political whirlwind | Unpublished
Source Feed: The Globe and Mail
Author: Danielle Groen
Publication Date: July 10, 2024 - 06:30

Morning Update: Europe’s political whirlwind

July 10, 2024
Good morning. Finally, a little reassurance about the rise of Europe’s far right – more on that below, along with Canada’s 2-0 loss to Argentina at the Copa and a sudden Green Party resignation.Today’s headlines
  • At NATO, Biden vows that “Ukraine will prevail” in its war against Russia, amid mounting pressure to prove he’s fit to continue his re-election bid
  • Dozens of ghost towns line the Israel-Lebanon border as fears of an all-out war grow
  • Academics grapple with how to teach Alice Munro’s work in the wake of her daughter’s sexual-assault revelations

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