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Ade Olumide is running for Mayor of the City of Ottawa. He is a democracy rights defender working in Europe, North America, Oceania continents to protect over 7 billion United Nations “UN” electorate representative democracy rights against withdrawing the caucus whip and withdrawing the nomination whip and floor crossing. There are 15 countries without political party government representation, 97.2% of the over 7 billion world population are represented by political party government. Consequently, Ade has written academic articles on knowledge gaps in election law academic journals, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe / Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights “OSCE/ODIHR” Venice Commission guidelines and representative democracy court cases from the European Court of Human Rights “ECtHR”, Court of Justice for the European Union “CJEU”, UN, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. He may work on converting 8 years of research into a Ph.D in law and a book.

He lives in Ottawa, with his wife and three teenage sons. He holds a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lagos and a Masters in Business Management from the University of Warwick. He also studied Supply Chain Management at the Humber College and Internet Business Technology at the University of Toronto.

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Ade Olumide: Ottawa needs an anonymous, transparent database for police complaints

September 12, 2022
Ade Olumide for Mayor of Ottawa

You may have heard of a movement that’s sweeping the United States and Canada in light of the push from the black community and other groups. This movement calls for a database of non-criminal complaints to be created in-order to track police officer conduct by tracking non-criminal complaints filed against the police. I believe this idea, which must be anonymous and transparent in-order to be effective, has merit. (Please help make this happen by signing this change. org petition and share it for others to sign)

This spring a volunteer group in Alberta created a database of non-criminal police complaints in the province. They hope it will be used as a tool for Albertans to hold police officers accountable for their actions. The volunteer group is comprised of academics, lawyers, students, and other professionals who spent two years compiling data and building the database. The interactive database went live with information on more than 400 incidents of misconduct involving close to 500 officers over the past 30 years. The group will continue its work to expand the database to include more communities and incidents moving forward.

I believe a similar database for Ottawa would be a good idea not only to track police misconduct but also as a way of safeguarding the reputations and positive contributions the great majority of police officers make to Ottawa and its communities. This kind of database would help hold police officers who abuse their position accountable for their actions, while at the same time safeguarding the reputations of those officers who exemplify the position they hold.

If elected Mayor of Ottawa on October 24th I will take action to put this kind of database in place within my first year in office.

Please let me know what you think of this idea by emailing me at:

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