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Big Trouble in LIttle Unceded Lands

September 12, 2022

sure: we are on unceded territory...

It has become common for politicians and public speakers to preface their remarks or address with " we are unceded Algonquin territory".

I get it.

But today, we have bigger fish to fry. 50,000 or more citizens of Ottawa resort to the food bank to be sustained.  10,000 families require affordable housing.

The virtue signalling about the colonial past and need for reparations is all right. But a more suitable epithet might be:

" as we move forward with spending tax payers dollars, let us not forget that 50,000 of us depend on the food bank to live, and 10,000 families still need affordable housing here on the unceded territory of the Algonquin... Meegwich"

You could also add that we have three missions within a kilometer of Canada's parliament, the capital of Canada, a G7 nation.

I think if you want to hammer home a message and do any virtue signalling you might want to get down and dirty with it.