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As an independent business intelligence and project management contractor I add value to organizations with my senior, financial and project management skills. I use my business intelligence and IT skills to help peer group members reduce costs, and increase revenues with greater certainty.  

I enjoy the process of conflict resolution. I'm an innovative thinker and I have a passion for the environment.


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I'm regarded as solid and trustworthy and an effective team member. I am persuasive and action oriented.

I enjoy using my background in Health Services Administration, my technical and analytical training and experience, and project management skills combined with my passion for the environment.

Specialties: Skilled Health Services administrator and planner. A team player and excellent communicator with an engaging personality. Business intelligence, OLAP Modeling and Project Management.

Project Management - PMP granted May 6/2012

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September 13, 2022

Where your dollars are being spent.

Manor Park is having a block party and asked me to bake a pie and then give 150 words as to why the pie represented me. Here is my pie, it is a pie chart of the expenses for Ottawa in 2021.

You will find that all the candidates want the best for their community, for their ward, for their city. That should never be in question, they were fairly nominated. The difference is in how they will perform their duties as a candidate.

Ottawa is in a cash crunch. Basically we are stuck and have to find a way to keep our heads above water.  For example, 250 large are going to debt servicing payments. 19% of total expenditures are being spent on Transit, widely identified as sub-standard.

Similarly, policing and fire services now occupy 16% of the budget. This raises all kinds of acrimony in the face of both health and social housing getting 13% in total.

Where will we go with this?  Well, there is a happy medium and it requires line-by-line analysis, business analytics, peer group comparisons, examination of outliers, rigorous examination.

Not all the well meaning candidates have the chops to do this but this is what the city needs now, not blow hards,  "We need to do something!".  Only cold hard fact finding and examination will do.  It won't get you good twitter, or facebook likes but...