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Unpublished Media provides advertisers unique advertising and sponsorship opportunities to reach its sophisticated audience of currentaffair and Canadian political enthusiasts.

Audience demographics

  • UM audience is 40+
  • Male 53% / Female 47%
  • Well-educated and informed
  • Working or Retired
  • Middle class
  • National audience
  • Top provinces: Ontario, Alberta, BC and Quebec

Advertising opportunities

We offer customized advertising opportunities to maximize your return on investment.

  1. Sponsor a podcast and/or live Show, with in-show ad placements;
  2. Advertise to Unpublished.ca National and Ottawa audiences;  Run of Site, IAB ad standard sizes, video ads, email and eNewsletter ads.
  3. Contests/Draws/Promotions
  4. Provide merchandise for the Unpublished loyalty program

For more information, contact: James O’Grady

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