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The Unpublished.ca portal is a series of web tools and forums to help Canadians participate in our democracy and to influence public policy decision-making. We strive to make it engaging, informative, effective and fun. Most of all, we ask that if you disagree with something someone has said, please do so in a respectful way. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s opinion, it’s quite another to attack them personally for holding that opinion. So, please be respectful of others so that they will be respectful of you.

James O’Grady,

Unpublished Media Founder

Do I have to be a member of Unpublished.ca in order to use the site?

No, all content on Unpublished.ca, including voting and commenting, is publicly accessible. Membership has its privileges though. Find out why becoming an Unpublished CITIZEN has its advantages.

How is Your Content Moderated?

All user generated content is moderated on Unpublished. That means that we read it to make sure it adheres to our Content Submission Rules & Guidelines. We ask that you follow these Content Submission Rules & Guidelines to create a thriving, respectful conversation. We moderate through a variety of moderation techniques. If we find that your posts or comments is in violation of our Terms of Service, we will remove Your Content from the site and rescind your membership, if you are a member of our site.

What if I see content I don’t like?

If you think someone else's content violates the Content Submission Rules & Guidelines , you have an opportunity to respond by clicking on the "Report Abuse" link associated with the content to explain the problem. We will investigate.

Publishing on Unpublished.ca

How do I publish or comment on Unpublished?

To publish to Unpublished.ca, please click on the Have Your Say button on the left-hand side of the Opinions landing page. You must be an Unpublished CITIZEN in order to publish on Unpublished.ca.

Commenting is available throughout the site where indicated. All Unpublished CITIZEN comments will be recorded and made available under their profile as well.

What about including personal information?

If sharing more about yourself is relevant to Your Content that you are submitting, go ahead. You can also update your profile and username at any time. Any updates will be retroactive and associated with all Your Content submitted in the past. We do not accept comments containing phone numbers or email addresses since it is private information. Any Comment posted with this kind of information in it will be removed from the site.

If you have any more questions about the site that we haven’t answered here, please email us at: info@unpublishedmedia.com