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Acquittal upheld for London, Ont. teacher who secretly filmed students’ breasts?

November 2, 2017

A Toronto Star investigation has found this is a problem that nobody has been able to curb. Predator teachers: There are many smart, hard-working teachers, the ones you are about to read about in Ontario's school system are not among them.


October 12, 2017

This court decision might as well have declared open season for perverts in the schools - and I have to wonder if anyone else was watching his little movies..

TORONTO – A high school teacher who used a camera pen to secretly video female students’ chest areas did so for sexual purposes, but his acquittal on voyeurism charges will nevertheless stand, Ontario’s top court ruled in a split decision on Thursday.

In dismissing a prosecution challenge to a lower court verdict, the Court of Appeal found the students had no reasonable expectation of privacy – a key element of the offence of voyeurism.

Police in London, Ont., charged the English teacher, Ryan Jarvis, over secret recordings he made in 2010 and 2011 of the students while he was chatting with them. The images, captured in various places in and around the school and lasting from seconds to a few minutes, involved 27 female students aged 14 to 18.

Another teacher spotted what was happening and alerted the principal, who observed the same conduct and called in the police.

So it's frowned upon but not illegal.. If your 14 year old daughter was a victim of this kind of sexual exploitation what would you do?

"Bad teachers: Ontario's secret list."

A Star investigation finds the Ontario College of Teachers, the teachers' watchdog, shields bad teachers from public scrutiny. They might as well be the unregistered child protection social workers they work so closely with.

Ryan Geekie, licensed to teach in Ontario, was suspended for three months for professional misconduct. His name was kept secret by the Ontario College of Teachers.

There are many smart, hard-working teachers, the ones you are about to read about in Ontario's school system are not among them.

Predator teachers: Students ruined by teacher sex assaults.

Sadly, a Star investigation has found the number of known sexual assaults has held steady or increased most years, and most importantly the severity of the attacks has increased. Grooming — the term used to describe adults who charm, flatter and court children for months or years before the assault — is a factor in many cases.

College of Teachers raises alarm over proposed law.

TORONTO - Ontario’s College of Teachers says that under a proposed law, a teacher who marries a student would be exempt from allegations of sexual misconduct in cases where the relationship began when the pupil was younger than 18.


August 2, 2017

John Robert Leigh Taylor: Windsor Police Officer Accused of Being a Serial Sex Offender

Windsor Star
A former Windsor police officer is now accused of being a serial sex offender who preyed on children during the time he was a local cop.

June 27, 2017

Richard Knill: Brampton Teacher Facing More Sexual Assault Charges

CBC News
A Brampton high school teacher who was charged earlier this month for allegedly sexually exploiting a student now faces two more sex-related charges... 


Former teacher sentenced to jail for child sex offences.
Sep 12, 2016

David Bradley, 59 of Oakwood pleaded guilty on Monday (Sept. 12) to luring a child and making sexually explicit material available.

LINDSAY - The devastation of lives that results from the sexual predation of children came into stark focus in a Lindsay courtroom on Monday (Sept. 12) as a former teacher was sentenced to 90 days in jail for two sexual offences.


In the 1980s, Canadians were shocked into awareness of the widespread evil of child sexual abuse. In Ontario alone, the names Cornwall, Prescott and London became synonymous with "respectable" pedophile rings -- lawyers, doctors, police officers and Catholic clergymen -- that for decades preyed on society's most vulnerable.

Huge inquiry fails to find pedophile ring in Cornwall

There were 34 victims in a Cornwall child-molestation scandal, but even after a four-year, $53 million public inquiry no one knows if an organized pedophile ring was operating in Eastern Ontario.

Commissioner G. Normand Glaude released his 2,396-page report Tuesday, exposing "a combination of "systemic" failures, insensitivity to complaints, and a reluctance to act" on the part of church, school, children's aid, police and justice officials.

The villains, it's alleged, are that most loathsome form of human life -- pedophiles. The pedophiles allegedly include Catholic priests and the city's leading citizens.

The pedophile ring has sparked endless charges of cover-ups and corruption in high places. The local MP is demanding a provincial inquiry. Some people even think the police may be in cahoots with the guilty.

Nearly 400 Children Rescued and 348 Adults Arrested in Canada ...

Nov 30, 2016 - I hope doubtful people can now see that the most respected and revered positions in a community are involved in these pedophile rings...

108 Canadians, have been arrested in an international child pornography ring that was largely centred around a Toronto-based film company that distributed images and videos across the globe.

Nearly 400 children have been rescued and 348 adults arrested following an expansive and “extraordinary” international child pornography investigation, Canadian police announced Thursday.

The three-year project, named Project Spade, began when undercover officers with the Toronto Police Service Child Exploitation service made contact with a Toronto man allegedly sharing “very graphic images” of child sexual abuse in Oct. 2010, Toronto Police Service Chief William Blair said at a press conference on Thursday.

Police said their investigation revealed an entire child movie production and distribution company in Toronto operating via the web site

The site was run by 42-year old Brian Way, according to police, and sold and distributed images of child exploitation to people across the world.

Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins, head of Toronto’s Sex Crimes Unit, said they enlisted the help of the United States Postal Inspection Service since many of the videos were being exported to the U.S. and began a joint investigation.

After a seven-month long investigation, officers executed search warrants across the city of Toronto including at the business, located in the city’s West End.

Investigators catalogued hundreds of thousands of images and videos of “horrific sexual acts against very young children, some of the worst they have ever viewed,” Inspector Beaven-Desjardins said at the press conference.

Police seized over 45 terabytes of data from the $4-million business that distributed to over 50 counties including Australia, Spain, Mexico, Sweden and Greece.

As a result of the investigation thus far, 50 people were arrested in Ontario, 58 in the rest of Canada, 76 in the United States, and 164 internationally.

What was most alarming, Inspector Beaven-Desjardins said, was that many of the arrests were of people who worked with or closely interacted with children.

Among those arrested were 40 school teachers, nine doctors and nurses, six law enforcement personnel, nine pastors and priests and three foster parents, she said.

Citing a particularly egregious example, she said police found over 350,000 images and over 9,000 videos of child sexual abuse in the home of a retired Canadian school teacher. Some of the images were of children known to the man and he was also charged with sexually abusing a child relative.

The inspector said an indispensable aspect to the success of the operation and the rescue of 386 children from child exploitation was the expansive cooperation between Toronto police and organizations worldwide.

“[This] confirms that when we work together regardless of the borders that divide us we can successfully take down those who not only prey on our most vulnerable but also profit from it,” she said.

Police said the children were “rescued from child exploitation” but did not give more details.

Way was charged with 24 counts, including possession of, distribution of, and importing and exporting child pornography.

The investigation is ongoing and more arrests could be made, police said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report