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Does Jason Kenny know what he is doing? Corruption is the use of public entrusted power for private gain.

January 30, 2021

Watching governments and government regulators pretend that regulation is for the public good, is an amazing thing to behold.  I wanted to ask out loud if Jason Kenny truly knows what he is doing lately. The appearance is that private interests and private gain is being sought through the mis-use of public entrusted power.

430 words, 2 minute read:

1. A look into systemic corruption within government-ish regulatory bodies which are privately funded and staffed by the very industry being "regulated". 

2. Jason Kenny’s energy projects.

3. Coal mining risks to watershed and water quality for three Canadian Provinces and millions of people.

4. Risks to the Canadian agriculture industry with its ten times greater economic value than coal.

5. Public resources being looted, behind privately funded/sponsored "regulatory-like" doors.

A brief search of employment, and economic value stats of COAL compared to AGRICULTURE using Government sources gives this:

  1. Coal generates $6 Billion for all of Canada
  2. Agriculture generates $111.9 billion
  3. Coal employed 25,471 people in 2011 industry survey
  4. Agriculture employed approximately 2.3 million people, representing 12.5% of Canadian employment in 2016

The point that I hope to better understand is in just two questions.

 #1  Does Premier Jason Kenny know what he is doing when he puts a portion of Canada’s $100 Billion dollar Agriculture industry into jeopardy (due to tainted water effects), for what might be a few good years for the coal industry? What will the harm be to one of Canada’s most valuable resources and industries?

#2  Does Premier Jason Kenny realize that his recent bet on Keystone XL (owned by Kinder Morgan Canada Limited) involved hidden regulatory “exemptions to Alberta securities law”, granted by The Alberta Securities Commission? Exemptions which allowed the sellers of Kinder Morgan Canada Limited to conceal essential documents from the purchasers of Kinder Morgan Canada Limited.

Without going into great detail, suffice it to say that an Alberta Government regulator (The Alberta Securities Commission), which is funded by the industry it “regulates”, allowed private parties to skirt Alberta laws and avoid full disclosure of details behind Kinder Morgan Canada Limited. There are 5000 such exemptions on the record at the Alberta Securities Commission and not one of them involves public notice, public input, or public warning, even to those affected. (Kinder Morgan exemption linked below)

I mention this due to a concern involving similar public deceptions, which may involve the Alberta Energy Regulator, the oversight body for the coal industry.  

This Alberta Energy Regulator is also funded 100% by industry, like the Alberta Securities Commission.  When public legislation (public entrusted power) is used or controlled, (or funded) by private parties, the risk of activities which meet the definition of corruption, becomes almost a certainty, based upon the record and my own experience.

This information is on the public record for those wishing to know more.  For those who prefer an easier related-read, the link below gives a 4 minute glimpse into the topic of Corruption as defined by the use of public-entrusted power for private gains. (it is securities and investment regulation, but the underlying "gaming" of the system for private profits at public expense appears identical)  (How public resources are looted, and how the looting is aided by public-entrusted, privately-funded “regulators”)

Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan Canada Limited NI 51 102 NI 44 101 AB DECISION.pdf  Alberta Securities Commission decision Citation: Re Kinder Morgan Canada Limited, 2018 ABASC 44  (see ASC link to exemption decision, enclosed for reference)

In the Matter of the Securities Legislation of Alberta and Ontario (the Jurisdictions) Date: 20180320

See this Youtube video link below for a more complete overview of the use of Exemptions to Securities laws by our "public" securities regulators, to quietly remove wealth from the public...    I fear that similar industry-self-dealing may be found at the AER.