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Ottawa, Ontario
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The Knoxdale-Merivale Council of Community Associations (KMC) is a community driven ward council in Ward 9 (Nepean) in the City of Ottawa. Moving West to East the community association members of the KMC are: Trend-Arlington, Manordale-Woodvale, Tanglewood, Merivale Gardens, The Glens, Country Place, General Burns and Fisher Heights & surrounding area.

Agnes Warda, President of the Glens Community Association is currently serving as KMC Chair.

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Great News for Cyclists and Pedestrians in Nepean

November 18, 2013

The Nepean Trail cycling pathway will be improved in the upcoming version of the Transportation Master Plan. The idea, borne by a member of the Trend Arlington Community Association, was endorsed by the Knoxdale Merivale Council (KMC) and later championed by the ward councillor.

The KMC is encouraged by the ideas for making cycling safer for cyclists of all skills and ages. We are delighted to see that the City has adopted our recommendation to complete the Nepean Trail.  This multi-use network of pathways will not only be a splendid example of improved connectivity and cycling safety, but we hope will also provide a safe, convenient and comfortable network of walking routes. This latter aspect is particularly important in providing pedestrian access to the commercial areas along Merivale Road, a notoriously hostile route for cyclists and pedestrians alike.

The Nepean Trail can also connect Ward 9 communities on the southern side of Hunt Club Road through the existing network of NCC and city's pathways, along Prince of Wales and Woodroffe in particular.

The trail can be accessed by the cyclists and pedestrian from as far as Barrhaven.