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Ottawa, Ontario
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The Green Party of Canada is a Canadian federal political party founded in 1983. The Greens advance a broad multi-issue political platform that reflects its core values of ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, sustainability, respect for diversity and non-violence.

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Green Party: Reimagining our Future after COVID-19

June 15, 2020

COVID-19 is very much shaping our present, our future and eventually, will describe our past. 

This invisible virus will continue to cause grief and fear in our society in the weeks and months ahead. We mourn for the lives lost. We struggle alongside those being pushed to their edge with the stress of a pandemic. We remain deeply grateful for all frontline workers.

There have been many difficult lessons learned already. If we pay attention to these lessons, this pandemic will help us create a better future for all and not allow the sacrifices of so many to be in vain. We continue to have hope for what’s to come.

So today we launch Reimagining Our Future – our plan for a Canada that is Reconnected, Renewed and Resilient after COVID-19.

The big lessons we have learned vary widely and touch every sector of our lives. For Greens, we have found that much of what we have been calling for in our past campaigns is now becoming mainstream:

  • The need for a Guaranteed Livable Income   
  • More local economic activity 
  • Local food security
  • More teleworking and less commuting
  • Expanded health care and universal pharmacare
  • A huge shift to renewable energy

We’ve seen that a different, more equitable Canada is not only possible, it’s necessary, and we can achieve it together. 

Reimagining Our Future is an ambitious policy agenda which focuses on 10 key areas of renewal and includes calls to expand our healthcare system, trust evidence-based decision making, switch to renewable energy, rethink the world of work, prioritize local resilience and mitigate climate change.

In solidarity and action,

Jo-Ann Roberts

Interim Leader

Green Party of Canada