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Markham, Ontario
About the author

Mimi Lee is one of the main organizers of Torontonian HongKongers Action Group , which the group has been organizing different events since June last year in Toronto to raise awareness and support the current pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong started by the extradition to China bill fiasco. Since 2012, she has been awakened by the Moral and National Education controversy in Hong Kong, and realized that Hong Kong has been going downhill for so many years since the handover in 1997. After the Umbrella Movement in 2014, it has encouraged her to do a lot more than just supporting Hong Kong, but actually involved in different initiatives raising awareness of the situation of Hong Kong.


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HongKong Action Group: What we accomplished in 2020

December 19, 2020

2020 was a tough year for everyone in the world, especially for Hongkongers around the globe. The Torontonian HongKongers Action Group worked tirelessly and collaboratively with global and local groups and Canadian MPs on advocacy for human rights and fundamental freedoms. 

Here is a brief roundup on what we did in 2020:

-    in the beginning of the year, before the pandemic, we co-hosted a rally calling for global sanctions against Chinese communist regime where, US released, to-date, 3 rounds of sanction list of Hong Kong and Chinese officials where Japan and other countries followed suit.

-    we did a blessing video for Hongkongers in Hong Kong in hopes to ease off their hopeless feelings…

-    we attended a number of virtual meetings with multiple MPs from different parties

-    we co-hosted an online panel discussion on the anniversary of Hong Kong anti-extradition movement

-    we issued a statement in respond to the disappointing Green Party press release calling on US to drop charges on Meng Wanzhou, although they are correct on Canada is being used as a pawn in the US-China trade negotiation, we feel that we should not comment on a case being in court and we should be calling for our own government’s need to stand  firm on issues toward China.

-    we continue to email various MPs to push real actions in the parliament against Chinese and the HKSAR governments.

-    we released a statement responding to the disqualified of a number of then seating legislators in Hong Kong.

-    we continued to voice out our disapproval on the Canadian government’s continuous “friendly and cooperative” acts towards the Chinese government and Chinese state-owned companies.

-    we helped in organizing local teams to meet local MP to raise Canadian HongKongers' concern on Canadian's policy to China as a whole, as well as the potential of Huawei's 5G operation in Canada. 

-    we help to push the extension of the Canadian Magnitsky Act to cover Hong Kong and China with Tibet and Uygur groups.

-    we support and promote the “Friday For Freedom” movement.

-    we helped pushed a global joint statement on condemning the unilateral decision of the Chinese National People’s Congress in introducing national security legislation in Hong Kong to our MPs and senators. 

-    we drafted an open letter to MP template for concerned Canadians with ties to Hong Kong regarding the fugitive offenders and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters legislation (amendment) and request to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to revoke PR status or citizenship of all HKSAR government officials and their family members

-    we worked on and were part of various joint statements on different issues ranging from calling on the Canadian and HKSAR governments to close boarders to help to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID19), calling for the International Olympic Committee not to grant China to host 2022 Winter Olympics, calling for the release of the 12 detained Hong Kong youths after allegedly attempting to escape Hong Kong, calling for sanctioning of HKSAR and Chinese officials and the protection of Hongkongers at risk of political persecution under the National Security Law

-    we helped came up with a list of HKSAR officials who deserve to be sanctioned

-    we co-hosted a national press conference with all major opposition parties to urge the Canadian government to launch a safe harbour / safe haven program for Hongkongers leading to the announcement from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada on easing immigration rules on Hongkongers in the end of November.

-    we launched a House of Commons petition on stopping foreign interference and infiltration from China, which transformed into a private motion brought into the parliament, currently waiting to be read.

And the fight and struggles against Chinese Communist Party affecting the world continues….