Joint Statement on the Massive Hong Kong Police Arrests of Political Activists | Unpublished

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Markham, Ontario
About the author

Mimi Lee is one of the main organizers of Torontonian HongKongers Action Group , which the group has been organizing different events since June last year in Toronto to raise awareness and support the current pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong started by the extradition to China bill fiasco. Since 2012, she has been awakened by the Moral and National Education controversy in Hong Kong, and realized that Hong Kong has been going downhill for so many years since the handover in 1997. After the Umbrella Movement in 2014, it has encouraged her to do a lot more than just supporting Hong Kong, but actually involved in different initiatives raising awareness of the situation of Hong Kong.


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Joint Statement on the Massive Hong Kong Police Arrests of Political Activists

January 6, 2021

Nearly 60 civil groups around the globe released a joint statement regarding the massive arrest happened this morning (last night) in Hong Kong.

On January 6, 2021, dozens of prominent former pro-democracy legislators, political activists, reporters, and legal experts were arrested for allegedly violating the ever-expanding National Security Law of Hong Kong. They were accused of subversion in association with a primary election held by pro-democracy candidates last year ahead of the scheduled Legislative Council Elections, just to have a better representation of the electorate.
In recent months, the crackdown on political dissent in Hong Kong has escalated. Today, the Hong Kong government, emboldened by the regime in Beijing, indicated its determination to purge all opposition voices. Hong Kong no longer has any remnants of freedom of speech available in the city. Anyone who has openly criticised the governments of Hong Kong or China, regardless of their nationality, can be subjected to the same treatment on arrival in Hong Kong.
On Saturday, August 12, 1961, the East German authority, under the Soviet's guidance, decided to act on the relative silence of the US Government on the Berlin situation that resulted in a 140-mile obstacle being erected within 24 hours. It was known as the Barbed Wire Sunday.
Hong Kong has just had its version of Barbed Wire Wednesday.
The international signatories of this joint statement urge our respective governments to condemn this mass arrest and collaborate to confront the Communist Government in Beijing with concrete actions. The loss of Hong Kong is not incidental. It is a sustained challenge to democracies worldwide. The world must stand up to the Chinese Communist Party before it is too late.
Canada-Hong Kong Link (港加聯)
Dawn of Hong Kong (香港の夜明け), Japan
Hongkongers in Switzerland 香港人在瑞士 
Hong Kong Committee in Norway (挪威香港文化協會)
Hong Kong Democracy & Human Rights Association (University of Washington)
Hong Kong International Alliance Brisbane
Hong Kong Liberty (攬炒團隊), Global
Human Rights Manifesto, Canada (維護人權同盟)
McMaster Stands with HK (Canada)
Mustard Seeds HK Concern Group (Canada)
NSW HongKongers (Sydney Australia)
Ontario Hong Kong Youth Action 安港學盟 (Canada) 
The Hongkonger (Green River College)
Torontonian HongKongers Action Group
Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement
Victoria Hongkongers Association 澳洲維港 (Australia)
Yellow Power NZ (New Zealand)