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Unpublished Opinions

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Lethbridge, Alberta
About the author

His 2018 Book "About Your Financial Murder..." is found on

Investment Misconduct and Malpractice Analyst

Larry Elford is acclaimed as a qualified expert on the subject of White Collar Crime as it relates to the investment selling industry. He is a retired CFP, (Chartered Financial Planner), a CIM, (Certified Investment Manager) by the Canadian Securities Institute, a FCSI, (Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute), the highest designation awarded by the Canadian Securities Institute to those for top achievements in educational and industry accomplishments. He is also an Associate Portfolio Manager and Director of the Canadian Justice Review Board of Canada. 

Larry worked inside the largest financial institutions in Canada for twenty years until his retirement in 2004. He works today writing, speaking and coaching Canadians on how to create safe and honest treatment for investors. 

Larry Elford is also an author. He was included in John Lawrence Reynolds’ second edition bestselling book, The Naked Investor, Why Almost Everybody But You Gets Rich On Your RRSP and Bruce Livesey's  2012 book, Thieves of Bay Street, How Banks, Brokerages and the Wealthy Steal Billions from Canadians. He self-produced a documentary film, Breach of Trust, The Unique Violence of White Collar Crime, to benefit investors, legislators and those who investigate financial crime.  It can be viewed on Youtube.     


Twitter:    @RecoveredBroker

Facebook group for Fraud victims

Facebook group for Fraud victims across Canada (Small Investors Protection Association of Canada, 1998)

Video site for victims of investment malpractice    research site

His first book is Titled "ABOUT YOUR FINANCIAL MURDER..." detailing the extent of financial abuse of the public attributable to a "self" regulated investment industry.

His second book, published in April of 2020, is "Farming Humans"   and is about "How to quietly strip America bare of the truth "all men are created equal”, found in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, in less than 250 years….


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Largest Economic Drains Hidden From View

June 29, 2017

May I use this Horseshoe Falls image to compare the flow of water, to the flow of dollars down our economic drain?

What if the flow of water over the falls were compared to the drain of dollars from all criminal acts in the country?

$50 to $70 billion each year is the approximate cost of all measured crime in Canada.

So we might imagine that the total flow of 'dollars’ in the image is $50 -$70 billion per year.

Did you know that the cost of hidden, untracked crime done by financial systems, financial players and organized efforts of our highest status money-changers is also in the neighbourhood of $50 to $70 Billion each year?

Impossible? Valeant Pharmaceutical alone removed $100 Billion from investors. One (1) Company.  Do you know how this was done?

Financial drains from the country are equal to the cost of all the ‘ordinary’ crimes in the land, yet these financial crimes are HIDDEN from the eyes of the public. Why?

Ask yourself how the financial or judicial system can so easily eliminate from public view, what may be our country’s largest economic drains.