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Markham, Ontario
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Mimi Lee is one of the main organizers of Torontonian HongKongers Action Group , which the group has been organizing different events since June last year in Toronto to raise awareness and support the current pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong started by the extradition to China bill fiasco. Since 2012, she has been awakened by the Moral and National Education controversy in Hong Kong, and realized that Hong Kong has been going downhill for so many years since the handover in 1997. After the Umbrella Movement in 2014, it has encouraged her to do a lot more than just supporting Hong Kong, but actually involved in different initiatives raising awareness of the situation of Hong Kong.


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Last petition spined off as a motion

March 25, 2021

As part of the ongoing effort to stop foreign interference in Canada, we pushed a petition to call upon the House of Commons to:

1. Reaffirm its commitment to openness, transparency, and accountability to Canadian citizens, especially as it relates to the recent uptick in potential foreign influence from the People’s Republic of China; and
2. Review and implement legislation to counter foreign interference and influence, looking in particular to experiences of other democratic countries, like Australia, which have effectively addressed these problems.


That the House, in light of the motion adopted by the House on November 18, 2020, respecting foreign state-backed interference and intimidation activities in Canada: (a) reiterate its concern about the presence of significant and sustained foreign interference activities in Canada and its call for a strong government response; (b) call upon federal government ministers to engage with their provincial, territorial, and municipal counterparts to collaboratively respond to the activities of foreign state-controlled or state-affiliated entities as they relate to institutions that fall outside federal jurisdiction; and (c) call upon the government to create new mechanisms of protection and support for Canadians who are targets of foreign state-backed interference and intimidation.