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Moncton, New Brunswick
About the author

Responsible, compassionate, and thoughtful, Lisa Raitt’s life changed when she first met Stephen Harper, who inspired her to run in the former riding of Halton in 2008 and then asked Lisa to serve in his Cabinet immediately after being elected to the House of Commons. She was most recently  re-elected to serve as the Member of Parliament for Milton. 

Previously, Ms. Raitt served as Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Minister of Labour and Minister of Transport and following the 2015 federal election, the finance critic for the Official Opposition.

Prior to her election to the House of Commons, Lisa was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Port Authority (TPA). She had previously served as the TPA’s general counsel and harbourmaster.

Lisa is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University and holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Guelph.  She earned her law degree from Osgoode Hall at York University, specializing in intellectual property, commercial litigation and shipping arbitration.

Lisa is an active member of her community and has volunteered for many worthwhile organizations including the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and various Mental Health initiatives across Canada. As Minister of Labour, Lisa helped launch Bell’s Let’s Talk, starting a nationwide conversation about mental health.

Lisa is married to Bruce Wood and the mother of two boys who are actively involved with many sports organizations in their family hometown of Milton, Ontario.

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Lisa Raitt: A better path for Canada

April 27, 2017
Dear Conservatives,

For nearly two years Canadians have had a government that promised sunny ways, but has delivered nothing but pain and confusion as taxes go up, benefits are cut, and promises are broken.

Canadians cannot afford another four years of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal ways.

Picking a leader will determine the direction of our Party, but it will also determine the path our country takes. I want it to be a prosperous path, and it is why I am running for leader of our Party.

Please see above and below this post or click here to watch a short video on why I am running for the leadership of our Party.

My vision of the Conservative Party is one that fights for those who are struggling to make ends meet. 

My plan will balance the budget, cut taxes for all Canadian workers, strengthen the health care support for those who need it the most, and builds up everyone from Cape Breton to Coquitlam to Cambridge Bay. You can learn more about my plan here.

This is an exciting time for our Party. We have over 250,000 members, more than anyone expected. Canadians are interested and engaged with our Party. We can’t let this opportunity go to waste.

As you sit down to fill out your ballot, ask yourself who you will be proud to vote for and to volunteer for. Who has the experience, the empathy, the honesty and integrity to lead our Party?

I can – and I will – lead our Party to Victory in 2019. I have the experience, the plan, the dedication, and the leadership ability to take on Justin Trudeau and win.

I hope you’ll join me in this exciting journey by committing to vote, and committing to volunteer for a few hours.

Thank you,

Lisa Raitt

PS – I’m still travelling to communities across Canada, meeting with Conservatives and sharing my vision for our Party and our country. If you share my belief in building up Canadians and Victory in 2019, help me spread the word with a $35 donation today!

Lisa Raitt Campaign

Lisa Raitt for Leader · Canada