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Ottawa, Ontario
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February 13, 2020

Councillor Dudas' outrage at being cyber-bullied by Shawn Menard? How many of us are aware of  Councillor Dudas' professional background, as a City of Ottawa employee; 
"Coun. Dudas was a City of Ottawa employee for eight years (from 2010 to 2018), providing strategic communications on a wide variety of projects, including ones that directly benefited Innes Ward and Orléans. Prior to that, Laura worked as a journalist for eight years writing for several daily newspapers, including the Ottawa Sun, the Stratford Beacon Herald and the Cambridge Reporter."


Did WE really LISTEN TO what Councillor Dudas actually said: please listen once more: min 2:40-4:30, of the broadcast? 


Kindly tell us, dear Councillor Dudas, what we are permitted to say, in public, should we disagree with the actions and decisions of City Council.

Online Hate? Criticism? Cyber-bullying? Affects the City,  the economic development, the tourists? Women bearing the brunt of vile attacks?  Hold on a minute, please.  What about the Citizens who suffer through your decisions....this is not a question, Councillor Dudas, it's a statement.

The callous behaviour on the part of the Mayor, and as HE has called them his 'supporters', inflicted on the citizens of Ottawa with regard to road maintenance, housing, public health, selective areas for improvement, constitute far more egregious behaviour to the whole, than do tweets which hurt feelings of some of the parts. 

If Councillor Menard, who is not my councillor by the way, is required to apologize for his 'rude' remarks towards Mayor Watson and some councillors, while Ms Harder rushes to the defence of John Manconi, saying he doesn't need to apologize to anyone for the boondoggle which is the LRT, proposed and stick-handled by Mayor Watson, by the way, then we are in a murky soup indeed.

I suggest that Councillor Dudas is overwhelmingly naive in saying that all the councillors want to work together. It defies belief that she is unaware of the cliques, and the favoured positions for Mayor Watson's Supporters; Alan Hubley, Jan Harder, Eli El-Shantiry, Jean Cloutier, inter alia.. 

Please take a look at the membership of the two real power committee, FEDCO; Chaired by the Mayor, Deputy= Tim Tierney; Members: Matthew Luloff, Laura Dudas, Jan Harder, Eli-E Chantiry, Jean Cloutier, Stephen Blais, Scott Moffatt, George Darouze and Alan Hubley.

And the next most important committee: PLANNING: Chair, Jan Harder; Deputy=Tim Tierney; Laura Dudas, Glen Gower, Rick Chiarelli, Jeff Leiper, Riley Brockington, Stephen Blais, Scott Moffatt, and Allan Hubley.

And of course, Mr Tierney now chairing the Transportation Committee.

Except for a brief stint as Executive Director of the Canadian Tourism Commission, (2001-2003) Jim Watson has been in municipal, and provincial politics  his entire adult working life. 

Jim Watson is a professional politician; that is what he has done, and what he has been enabled to do.As Mayor, he has dispensed with the position of Press Officer, and appointed himself Spokesperson for the City, which he rules and runs, as he did his Provincial Portfolios;Top Down, tolerating no divergence from his will. He is a Politician, that is what he does. This is neither new nor fantasy. 

Can Councillor Dudas honestly say that the decisions enacted by these two groups on our city, have had less of a negative effect, that calling her a member of Mayor Watson's Club, or calling her his Lapdog? 

And so I say to you,Laura Dudas, it's your turn; Say "OK BOOMER" to me.