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Toronto, Ontario
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Ontario Liberals have a long tradition of working to improve the lives of all Ontarians, from the party's pre-Confederation roots as a force for equality and democracy, to the Wynne Liberals of today.

The Ontario Liberal Party has its roots in the Reform Party of William Lyon Mackenzie and Robert Baldwin, who fought for real democracy in the 1830s and 1840s against the elitist, conservative rule of the Family Compact.

The party as we know it today was founded by George Brown - owner of the Toronto Globe and a key figure in uniting Upper and Lower Canada.

Today we continue on in the best tradition of the early party – whether investing in public health care to make wait times in Ontario the shortest in Canada, introducing the first full-day kindergarten to help both parents and students, or helping to make Ontario a North American leader in clean technology – attracting more, higher paying jobs for Ontario families.

The words of Liberal Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier a century ago ring true for Ontario Liberals today: “I am a liberal. I am one of those who think that everywhere in human beings, there are abuses to be reformed, new horizons to be opened up, and new forces to be developed.”

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Ontario Solicitor General must explain deception

February 7, 2022


February 7, 2022

OTTAWA - Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca released the following statement:

“After more than a week of the Ottawa Occupation, yesterday, Doug Ford’s Solicitor General Sylvia Jones released a statement taking credit for providing over 1,500 officers from the Ontario Provincial Police to assist the Ottawa Police Service with the Occupation. But late last night Ottawa Police Service confirmed they’d only “received 100 Ontario Provincial Police officers”. 

Sylvia Jones, February 6, 2022 - approx. 1:45 PM EST

Ottawa Police Services Release, February 6, 2022 - 9:06 PM EST 

“If the province has only provided 100 OPP officers to assist, Sylvia Jones must come clean and explain why she deceived the people of Ottawa and pretended to have their backs. Without an explanation, the only answer is that she must resign immediately. 

“A dangerous antivax mob has taken Ottawa hostage. People of Ottawa are victims, they are scared, angry and looking for leadership to end the occupation. Rather than deal with act as a true partner, Doug Ford’s Conservatives are more focused on political spin and deception.”