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Dr Qais Ghanem is a retired neurologist, radio show host, poet and author. His novels are Final Flight From Sana’a and Two Boys from Aden College. His 3rd novel, "Forbidden Love in the Land of Sheba", was just released. Previously published books include "My Arab Spring My Canada" (Amazon.com) and the combined English/Arabic poetry book "From Left to Right".

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Pierre Poilievre attacks the messenger because he can't attack the message

April 9, 2014

Canadians are getting used to the tactics of Mr. Harper's team-of-total-control. They are no longer surprised by the persistent practice of badmouthing the messenger, whenever they are unable to shoot the message.

For here we have two highly qualified, highly respected non-partisan technocrats pointing out the blatant weaknesses of a bill championed by a young inexperienced control-bent Minister. Marc Maynard, Chief Electoral Officer of our country, felt that it was his duty and responsibility to point out the multiple (five) deficiencies of Bill C-23. A major one, from his point of view, is the potential infringement on the independence of his office. He therefore pleaded with the Senate to carefully review these issues.

The other independent respected witness, with a long track record, and no axe to grind, is former auditor general, Sheila Fraser, who also expressed concern that Poilievre's bill would limit the independence of the chief electoral officer, by muzzling him. Instead of paying attention to such advice, this minister of this arrogant control-freak government, which gained a majority with 39% of the popular vote, goes on the usual offensive against the messenger, and accuses Marc Mayrand of "wanting more power and less accountability".

Pierre Poilievre, a master orator himself, couldn't have chosen better words to precisely describe what this government wants to achieve with this bill. I don't think Canadians are going to let him get away with it - not this time, not in 2015!