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Surrey, British Columbia
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Today I am an artist, blogger, author & speechwriter. Years ago my graphic art ambition was displaced by theology and altruistic service. Art became my pastime as visual images conceded to word pictures. I acquired Master’s & Doctoral degrees, spent 34 yrs as a pastor and 6 yrs as a denominational executive concluding in ‘08. My faith and principles remain firm as I paint and write.  Now writing books, blogging and painting, speaking and travelling.

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STOIC VET ( a poem)

November 11, 2019

Backstory: On one of those national days when we honour soldiers present and gone, we observe senior vets standing still with tears in their eyes, who for years have internalized their trauma, and who when asked to comment have nothing to say.

STOIC VET ( a poem)

Observe that soldiers hold their tongues

Say little or nothing of their wars

Their own prescription for PSD

Besides no one comprehends.

Why relive how you left your heart

In bush and holes under enemy fire

And saw your comrades stop their lives

Not coming home with you.

All they can do to stand in cold 

As bugles sound, flags crisply fly

Their tears held in for many years

Slip out today glistening on skin. 

Still wondering what war was like

Politely we invite response

Intentional eyes look long at ours

And softly say, "I'd rather not."

© Ron Unruh, November 2016