The U.S. first-past-the-post electoral system just elected the wrong winner | Unpublished

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Ottawa, Ontario
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Graduate of the Software Engineering program of the University of Ottawa, Julien is an enthusiastic volunteer and the president of Carleton Toastmasters club (2015-2016)

He obtained his Toastmasters competent communicator designation in 2014 after completing 10 speeches.

He is also president of the Ottawa-Gatineau chapter of Fair Vote Canada, an organization that does lobbying and public education on the benefits of changing our voting system so that more votes count.

He likes to cyclo-commute as much as possible, year round.

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The U.S. first-past-the-post electoral system just elected the wrong winner

November 10, 2016

From Anita Nickerson, Fair Vote Canada Action Coordinator...


Dear Canadians,

As a Canadian organization for proportional representation, we don't take positions for or against parties and politicians. But Tuesday night, something happened that we cannot help but reflect on. 

Hillary Clinton got 47.7% of the vote.  

Donald Trump got 47.5% of the vote.

Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidency. 


How Americans Voted:

  • 59,236,903 vote for Hilary Clinton
  • 59,085,787 voted for Donald Trump

The country elected Hilary. The system elected Donald.


The people spoke, but their broken, winner-take-all voting system failed them. It handed the power to the wrong winner. 

The people of the United States, and the people of the entire world, now have to live with the policies of Donald Trump for the next four years. 

The impact of the distorted results of a winner-take-all voting system on the lives of ordinary people can be profound

As I write this, an all-party committee is preparing a recommendation for a new electoral system for Canada. 

Over the past four months, they heard loud and clear that Canadians want proportional representation. We want fairness. We want collaboration. We want a system that celebrates our diversity. We want our votes to count, and our Parliaments to reflect who we are as Canadians.

Please help us make sure that in 2019 and every election afterward, our Parliament reflects the people. 

Please help us make sure we never have another wrong winner election in Canada again. 

Over 5000 of you have sent the letter to Justin Trudeau, Maryam Monsef and the all-party committee on electoral reform urging them to keep the promise to Make Every Vote Count. These are our last days to influence the committee. To send them two strong messages:

Promises Matter.

We can do better.

If you haven't signed now, sign today and please share this post with a friend.


Anita Nickerson
Fair Vote Canada Action Coordinator

P.S. You can share our poster on facebook here and please add a message in the comment box asking people to send our letter to Trudeau, Monsef and the ERRE at this link: