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Trudeau's Double Standard

December 6, 2016

There is one law for one land, and it must be apply to everyone. If the law is not held as a corner stone of our country then it will surely fail. Whenever there is a double standard for the law, then we the citizens are not equal. We need the laws to be enforced in the same manner for the wealthy as it is for anyone else.

However, sometimes the law doesn't work this way. Wealthy people, for example, who can afford expensive lawyers sometimes evade the hand of the law. The same seems to be true of elected politicians. 

Maryam Monsef is a good example of this. A refugee to Canada, Ms. Monsef lied about her country of origin (Iran not Afghanistan) when she came to Canada as a refugee in order to start a new life. After alot of hard work she became a success story, however, all the time she was here she never told the truth about her past. She went through the citizenship process, acquired a Canadian passport. All the time she could have come clean about her past, she kept quiet.

She was not a refugee from Afghanistan as she and her family claimed. Instead she is from wealthy area in Iran where there was no hardship. Now that we know the truth, how can we trust her? As for the Canadian government we must ask the same question of them. We will have to wait to see if justice will be served. 

Maryam Monsef is the MP for Peterborough.