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Ten tips for writing a great letter that gets read and effects change:

  1. Length - Keep it short. The more concise your letter is, the more likely people will read it.
  2. Subject - Decide what your letter is about, and who you are addressing it to. Pick one subject or topic per letter.
  3. Angle - Speaking of subjects, find an angle that makes this subject interesting to readers. For example, is it a timely topic for Ottawa residents, or does it concern an important local person? Or is it a human-interest letter, i.e. about families or pets?
  4. Structure - Good letters have an introduction, body and conclusion. A letter with a logical flow is easier to read.
  5. Tone - Match the tone of the letter to your subject. Pretend you are speaking to the person you are addressing it to.
  6. Facts - If you’re making an argument, facts are your friend. One tiny piece of fiction negates your whole line of reasoning.
  7. Opinions - But don’t be afraid to give your opinion. Just make sure you label it your opinion.
  8. Action - Is there some action you want readers to take after reading your letter? Don’t forget to mention it.
  9. Review - Proofread and spellcheck. An error-free letter is easier for others to read and understand.
  10. Stay inside the lines - Make sure you’ve read the Content Guidelines and Terms of Use before posting. UnpublishedOttawa.com reserves the right to remove letters that do not adhere to its Terms of Use.