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Ottawa, Ontario
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Retired economist (Ph.D., Berkeley, 1972) Co-founder (1997) and former chair of the Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital.  Wrote an annotated bibliography on what sustainability means for businesses (2009) -- http://web.ncf.ca/ct976/.

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19 Beechwood Avenue

March 28, 2013


To: Prishram Jain, Architect, TACTDesign
Re: 19 Beechwood Avenue, Planning Committee approval, 26 March 2013

Mr. Prishram Jain,

I attended the public meeting on January 16, 2013 at MacKay United Church and spoke to you briefly after your presentation. You re-assured me that the proposed building stays completely below the sightline from the Tommy Douglas Pavilion and Poet's Hill.

Now I see that the development, approved last Tuesday at Planning Committee, has a ninth storey which is sliced diagonally so as not to literally interfere with the protected view cone -- the same despicable trick used by Domicile in another development on the Avenue.

I feel deceived and I'm sure so do may others who care about a meaningful protection of this viewpoint. As recently as the 16th of March I wrote to one of my co-citizens, who had written to say " Back in Ottawa: I've been in Australia for 4 months...just returned March 14th." : "Confirming: The Minto proposal does not interfere with the Beechwood view."

Mr. Jain, we all lead very busy lives. ... I had assumed that your assurance was definitive. My trust has been violated.