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Manotick, Ontario
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Long time interest in city building and municipal politics, I have covered a lot of it in my 30 years in the media.  It's time to bring a bit of common sense to the table when it comes to running our city and delivering services. I am the host of the Unpublished.Cafe podcast. 

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Clowns in the Covid Circus

January 12, 2021

WANTEDTwo Healthcare CEO’s

Required Skills

  1. Lack of Judgement: Can you ignore the rules you set out for others?
  2. Sense of Entitlement: Do you feel you are above others?
  3. Morale Killer: Can you break the confidence of the people working for you?

If you have these qualities, the St.Joseph Health Centre and London Health Sciences Centre are looking for you! Great job benefits and the possibility to set Covid Health restrictions with Ontario’s Covid Advisory Panel. And, don’t worry about accountability, you’re above that! Bring your “do as I say, not as I do attitude". Send your CV today! 

It seems quite clear to me the problem with the constant increases in Covid cases is all of the qualities listed above.

Tom Stewart, CEO of the St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Hamilton and Niagara had no problem telling Ontarians to avoid non-essential travel, yet jetted off to his place in the Dominican Republic for three weeks. This after he told us to stay home and physical distance for the holidays. Of course, when he gets caught we hear the usual trite apology.

The outrageous part of this is Tom will get $1 million in severance as per his contract. His contract calls for it if he’s terminated “without cause”.  In the eyes of many, it seems there is “cause” for dismissal. Outright ignoring your directions for everyone else to me would seem to be a clear reason. It also shows a “lack of leadership”. The Board of Directors at St. Joe’s feel there is no “cause”. I reached out to the Board for a comment, but have yet to hear back.

Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Woods in London saw that and said “hold my beer”. 5- times since March, Dr. Woods has travelled to the US to visit family. The final time, you guessed it, was for the Christmas holidays. At a time when people were told to stay home and physically distanced for Christmas, Dr.Woods tapped into that “sense of entitlement”.

These are just the latest Clowns in the Covid Circus. I’ll be honest. I was hopeful that our politicians would heed the directions they were giving us, but was not surprised that MP’s, MPP’s, MLA’s from all parties were caught ducking the rules. It’s beyond worrisome that top healthcare leaders are doing the same. And that’s a concern when you consider how bad the messaging has been. We need new leaders to get us on the right path. If you have any of the skills above, perhaps with a dose of unaccountability, please get your CV in now and join them under “Under the Big Top”.