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Manotick, Ontario
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Long time interest in city building and municipal politics, I have covered a lot of it in my 30 years in the media.  It's time to bring a bit of common sense to the table when it comes to running our city and delivering services. I am the host of the Unpublished.Cafe podcast. 

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COVID-Curfews: Its all about perspective

January 11, 2021

It’s all about perspective.

On the first night of the Quebec curfew to curb Covid cases, more than 200 tickets were handed out to people who felt they were above the law. $1550 is a pretty penny to pay for arrogance. Now Ontario is mulling further restrictions to clamp down on the rising number of cases.  Could a curfew be on the horizon for Ontario? It was on the table but so far, the Province says no, but desperate times call for desperate measures. It got me pondering an Ontario curfew. 

The people railing against another possible lockdown or curfew lack perspective. All they see in front of them is the inconvenience of a curfew. I agree. A curfew would be inconvenient and frustrating but what options do you have when case numbers skyrocket and people ignore the current restrictions? I was discussing this with a family friend today when she said, “We have it so good”.

In the middle of the second wave of a pandemic, mounting job losses, massive amounts of government spending, less mobility (at least if you followed protocol) and the fear of contracting or spreading the virus weighs on us all. Then she said it again: “We have it so good”. It was a head scratcher but it was her perspective.

“My father was in a POW camp for 41/2 years starting in Hong Kong. He would have told you, we have it so good considering what he endured", she explained.

Forced labour and mining, little water and food, and physical abuse by his captors. And for those lamenting their terrible Christmas of 2020, his imprisonment began on December 25th 1941. Now, do you still feel you were robbed of the holiday?

No one likes or wants a curfew. We’re all tired of living with the pandemic. But if a curfew means we get control of the infections, then perhaps we can deal with a little pain for everyone’s gain.

It’s all about your perspective.