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Ottawa, Ontario
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Stefan Klietsch grew up in the Ottawa Valley outside the town of Renfrew.  He later studied Political Science at the University of Ottawa, with a Minor in Religious Studies.  He ran as a candidate for Member of Parliament for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke three times from 2015 to 2021.  He is currently a Master of Arts student in Political Science at the University of Carleton.

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Conservative Leader rage-farms thuggish political illiterates

August 7, 2023
Anti-Trudeau protesters in Belleville, Ontario

Photo credit: Quinte News

Canada currently suffers from an uninspiring and non-creative political class, most exemplified by leaders of all the major political parties.  However, the Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre somehow manages to have an even weaker sense of maturity than his rival peers (and I say that as someone who has personally witnessed the Green Party Leader’s immaturity).  Only Poilievre (and People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier) stoop to stirring and riling up thuggish political illiterates in society into hateful rhetoric against the Prime Minister like that seen in Belleville on July 20. Protesters attempted to get close to the Prime Minister to yell profanities, call him a “traitor” and a “globalist”, and wave “F*** Trudeau* flags in his face. (I call these people “political illiterates” because they are politically ill-informed to the point that they likely could not pass a Grade-10 Civics class.)

It is typical of politicians to delegitimize their opponents (and I have done so myself as an MP candidate), but the current Leader of the Official Opposition takes the delegitimization to a whole other level.  And no, it would be equally unacceptable if liberal or socialist protesters had attempted to storm Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's personal space to yell expletives and wave "F*** Harper" signs in his face (though the previous Prime Minister never made himself as accessible to public crowds as the current one does).

According to Poilievre, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is responsible for every societal ill under the sun, and the Prime Minister is practically a deity who could make all problems go away but simply chooses not to.  And some members of our society are ignorant enough to believe the Conservative Leader on this fantasy.

So, of course, Poilievre has chosen not to condemn the thugs who showed their anger at imaginary conspiracies by the Prime Minister in Belleville.  He has built his entire career on pandering to excitable political illiterates.  And the Leader of the Opposition will be one of the figures most to blame if or when a public event by the Prime Minister next spirals into needless and avoidable violence.