HEADLINE: "Mistaken identity blamed as CAS takes 6-year-old out of school." now reads, "Students were manning office when CAS volunteer picked up wrong child." | Unpublished

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HEADLINE: "Mistaken identity blamed as CAS takes 6-year-old out of school." now reads, "Students were manning office when CAS volunteer picked up wrong child."

May 9, 2017

How the article first appeared. https://www.facebook.com/thedadshow/posts/662174077316179

The way the story sounds now the society and the school staff want us to believe the whole thing was a student's fault. When in doubt - blame the children...

Strange things did happen here, no stranger could they be  ...




Does the school have security cam footage? 



A volunteer driver for Children’s Aid allegedly came to the school and asked to pick up a child (apprehend?) using his first-name only. Two children go to Walter Perry Public School with that name.

Someone in the school assumed it the woman’s son and pulled him from class. The boy was reportedly told by staff that his grandmother had come to take him home.

“He went and once he seen that (it wasn’t her), he stated, ‘That’s not my grandmother.’ He said that’s when the volunteer driver took him by the arms and brought him to the car and roughly placed him inside the vehicle,” she said. 


If this pick up was to take a child to a regularly scheduled appointment, why lie and tell the child the grandmother had come to pick him up and why was the child unaware of the appointment?

And had it been the child's mother or grandmother that had roughly forced the child into a car would the school have reported it?

The volunteer claims he was a happy little boy who willingly went with her and the society again claim the volunteers have been trained to CAS standards. 

Read more @ citynews.ca

Children’s aid societies launch major training reforms:

New recruits will have to pass standardized course and final exam during a four-month training period before they’re authorized to apprehend children.

“We want to make sure that the people who are doing the work have the very best training and competence to be able to do it,” says Mary Ballantyne, CEO of the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS).

But Nancy Simone, president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees local representing 275 workers at the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, argues child protection workers already have levels of oversight that include workplace supervisors, family courts, coroners’ inquests and annual case audits by the ministry.

SEE: “Our work is already regulated to death.”

Does the Ontario children's aid society often depend on whatever students happen to be in the office to call students out of class and whatever happened to protecting the privacy of the child? Anyone else feel that's more than just a little bit unprofessional? 

Using children to access other children in the schools - WHO DOES THAT?

THE ONTARIO CHILDREN'S AID SOCIETY DOES - if we're to believe the current version of events and literally nothing about the story any makes sense at all. 

Ontario's liberal Premier Wynne says we should just expect the schools and the children's aid society would work closely together without legislation or regulated procedures to govern their interactions and the cover up begins no doubt with the full support of Wynne's Ontario fiberals again. 

No regulation or legislated procedures govern the interactions between the schools and children's aid societies, and again, there is no oversight at all...

BY NEWS STAFF POSTED MAY 3, 2017 10:47 PM EDT LAST UPDATED MAY 6, 2017 AT 8:58 AM EDT (last update does not reflect the headline change)

Our kid's school board refusing to accept our cease and desist order.

The school simply refused (vice principal) to accept the cease and desist. We had to send it to the school board registered mail to get them to sign for it. We recorded the meeting we had the vice principal. What he did say was the school had an official policy to cooperate with the society that came from the school board though we could not find the policy in writing anywhere though the vice principal was able to give the name of a school board member that could explain it to us - which means it's an unofficial unwritten policy - that started with Premier Wynne when she was the education minister. How the school boards think they have the power to violate the Charter isn't so stunning considering the government has given them the "thumbs up" without any court's approval.