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Help stop politicians helping themselves and their big business lobbyist friends!

March 8, 2022

Dear Friend of Democracy,

Think about any bad government decision that has upset you, and likely secret, unethical, dishonest actions by politicians or top government officials played a part in the decision.

Because of huge loopholes in the ethics laws for politicians and top government officials across Canada, it is legal for them:

  1. To mislead voters and make false election promises;
  2. To have secret investments in businesses;
  3. To make secret deals with big business lobbyists that help those businesses make more money;
  4. So they make more money too (in secret).

Other loopholes in ethics rules allow politicians and top government officials across Canada to accept unethical gifts and favours from lobbyists.

Big money donations from lobbyists to politicians are also legal across Canada.

Ethics laws need to be strengthened across Canada to make it illegal for politicians and government officials to mislead voters with false claims and false promises, and to make it illegal for them to profit in secret from their secret deals with big business lobbyists.

Other big problems are that the watchdogs who enforce ethics laws across Canada are often lapdogs who are chosen by politicians, and let violators off most of the time. Key changes are needed to ensure the watchdogs are fully independent from politicians, and are required to enforce the laws strictly and strongly, and to penalize all violations.

All of these loopholes need to be closed, and enforcement and penalties strengthened, to stop politicians and governments from doing secret, behind-closed-door deals with lobbyists that waste taxpayers’ money and hurt voters and communities across the country.

Right now, federal politicians are reviewing their own ethics rules in secret behind closed doors – for the first time in 7 years! They need to hear from you now calling for stronger rules to close all the loopholes, stronger enforcement and higher penalties for all violations.

Politicians and top government officials hear from high-powered big business lobbyists all the time who want to continue doing secret deals and trading gifts and favours – they need to hear from many voters or they won’t do anything effective to stop secret, unethical deals.

Please click here now to join the call for key changes to stop secret, unethical, dishonest decisions by politicians and top government officials across Canada!

And please also click here now to join the call for related key changes to stop secret, unethical lobbying across Canada!

Finally, please click here now to help keep this campaign going until all of these key changes are made to stop unethical politics in Canada.

Without your support, Democracy Watch can’t stop unethical abuses of power by governments and big businesses – it just can’t. I know you want these abuses stopped – we can do it together!

If you are a member of Canada, you can also click here to sign and share Democracy Watch’s petition calling for the same key changes to stop secret, unethical lobbying, and unethical decisions and actions by politicians, in federal politics.

Thank you for your support,

Duff, Josephine, Brad

and everyone at Democracy Watch