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Is drinking water bad for you?

December 31, 2016

Here is a list of poisions that are put into our water to make it safe...

FLUORIDE: Fluoride has been added to our drinking since the 1940's. It is a neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor, harms the thyroid gland, and calcifies the pineal gland. It is so toxic many countries have banned water fluoridation.                                                             

CHLORINE: Chlorine is added to drinking water as a purification technique despite not being safe. Chlorine bonds to water to produce poisionous hydrochioric acid chiorine poisioning causes respiratory problems and cell damage, long term effects include memory loss and impaired balance.                                                                                    

LEAD: Lead is toxic to almost every organ, and effects children the worst. Developmental issues, stunted growth, deafness, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and brain damage all results from exposer to lead. If injested during pregnacy it causes premature birth. Lead poisioning has lead to autism, prostate cancer, and reproductive problems for both men and women, also damaging to cardiovascular systems, and kidney failure.                                              

MERCURY: Mercury is extremely toxic and causes brain damage, blindness, nerve damage, cognitive disability, impairment of motor functions, headaches, weakness, muscle atrophy, tremors, mood swings, memory loss, and skin rashes.                                            

PCBs: PCBs or polychiorinated biphenyis are used in insulations, machinery, oils, paints, adhesives, electronics, and fluorescent lights. PCB'S were banned in 1979, however they are still found in snow, and sea water 1,000 miles away. Tests found that PCB'S cause cancer,and negatively affect on the immune reproductive, nerous, and endocrine systems.                                                                                  

ARSENIC: Despite being poisionous Arsenic is still being used in industrial processes. The poisioning causes vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even death. Long term exposure leads to skin cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer. In Taiwan it causes what is known as black foot disease, a type of gangrene that causes blood vessels to die and rot.              

PERCHORATE: Perchorate is the key ingredients in rocket fuel and explosives. It is believed that much of the Colorado River is contaminated. The problem is so severe that humans will test positive for this, which attacks the thyroid.                                               

DIOXINS: Dioxins settle in the environment and destroys water sources.  Exposure causes lesions and respiratory problems, affects immune, nerves, endosrine, reproductive systems, in fetuses dioxin poisioning causes bith defects and still birth.                                            

DDT: DDT was banned in 1972 in the US, however there are still countries that use it. DDT molecules can travel vast distances in the atmosphere. The International Research Agency on cancer says, DDT is a cancer risk.                                                                                                 

HCB: HCB in small doses can lead to liver damage and skin lesions. The EPA classified hcb's as cancer causing.                                                       

DACTHAL: Dacthal is still used today as a herbicide and it contaiminates soil and water sources, dangers are as follows, damages adrenal glands, kidneys, liver thyroid and spleen.                                                  

MTBE: MTBE is a gasoline additive that can render a large area of the ground water completely undrinkable. It has been linked to possible kidney damage,seizures, and fetal development. People think if they boil the water it should be ok, boiling only kills organisms and doesnot remove toxins.

This no means a list of all the toxins that are in drinking water. 

More information about this topic can be found online and at: