Is it time to say "UNCLE!" on the War on Drugs? | Unpublished

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Is it time to say "UNCLE!" on the War on Drugs?

September 28, 2023

Forget the war in Ukraine, We are losing the war on Drugs

Nobody would have believed that there was an agency of the USA government that was selling armaments to the Iranians in exchange for money that would be used to further the aims of the Sandamista rebels in Nicaragua. (ref:

Is it hard to believe that the CIA would sell drugs in the USA to help finance its extra judicial activities while furthering their own perceived US national interests beyond congressional oversight?  ( Michael Ruppert.

Is it hard to believe that other nations could be manufacturing Fentanyl for import into North America to help undermine societal fabric? Maybe China is paying back for the opium?

War on Drugs?  Since that war was declared drugs have become more rampant than ever in the USA and Canada.  Methamphetamine, Oxycondon, Oxycontin, Marijuana, Heroin and the evil Fentanyl – all are worse than ever, widely available, cheap with a saturation of use that rivals coffee and tea. Recently cocaine was found in the White House. Users and dealers are arrested and while in prison seem to have no difficulty in getting any drug they want.

The cost to society is incalculable. Here in Ottawa you can see the fall out on the streets and with the prevalent vape shops and cannabis shops and payday loans, the unhoused, the unemployed the hopeless in the nation’s capital, just yards from parliament itself should flash red lights, open eyes, alarm and stir the emotions of everyone.


Now I have personal experience with addiction. My son and now trans daughter is an addict. They have recovered through the help of skilled others and the AA program. There is hope for someone who wants help. Unfortunately there are gaps especially for those that are too old to be children and too young to be considered full adults.

There are limits to what can be done.  As a parent of an addict I learned that one has to help as much as is possible while protecting yourself.  Society must help as much as it can while protecting itself.

Our society will survive by the way we treat our weakest members. Right now that means the addicts. The starting point is the accountability of each individual, the responsibility of each of us to say enough!  Today we are crying loudly about our rights but now we need to also take responsibility.


Recently a you-tuber, Peter Santanello investigated rampant drug use in Apalachia, Kentucky. The frank interviews provide insights into addiction, recovery, society, and redemption.  It is valuable reporting for its truth and its message of hope.