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Can AI run government better than humans?

No mere mortal city councillor is up to the challenge of absorbing every brief nor every delegation...

December 9, 2023
Rebalance your approach

I ran for council in 2022. I know that spending $500 million on Lansdowne was not a priority of any...

November 4, 2023
Zexi Li and Victoria De La Ronde testimony c/o CTV News-Vancouver

Xexi Lee, a very brave young citizen put her name forward as the figurehead of the court...

October 17, 2023

Nobody would have believed that there was an agency of the USA government that was selling...

September 28, 2023
Luis Rubiales kissing Jenni Hermoso after the Spanish women's soccer team won the World Cup

Luis Rubiales  is living in the best of times and the worst of times. As President of the...

September 24, 2023
Maui Wildfires

The tragedy in LAHAINA, Hawaii is instructive concerning the need for municipalities to be...

September 17, 2023