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Xexi Lee Steps Forward

October 17, 2023
Zexi Li and Victoria De La Ronde testimony c/o CTV News-Vancouver

Trucker Convoy Trial Not Going as expected

Xexi Lee, a very brave young citizen put her name forward as the figurehead of the court injunction to stop trucker convoy horn honking.

It must be remembered that any law that is not enforced is no law at all. That is to say that inaction or maladroit action made things worse. If the convoy lasted too long or the horns were too loud then enforcement owns that.

So, Xexi Lee acted when it seems the City, city lawyers, police and ops board either would not or could not. In fact, the entire OPS board and the chief resigned in the middle of the crisis.

While I believe the current trial over mischief will end in acquittal or suspended sentence, it is worthy of note that Xexi Lee had the courage to act when so many others abdicated their responsibilities. 



October 21, 2023

She was very brave.