Kaniengehaga of Kana:tso (Chaudiere Falls) Reserve Recognition Request | Unpublished

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Renfrew, Ontario
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My name is Jason (Rotisken'rakehte) Arbour, Appointed Chief and Legal Representative of Kana:tso Kaniengehaga First Nation. In 1903 my family/band was disbanded from our Indian resserve and place of origin at Gatineau, Quebec. To date, I have been chosen to raise awareness and respectfully represent our community's legal interest of re-establish our historical rights to our traditional territory at the Chaudiere Falls. 

I am indigenous to the Ottawa-Hull region of Canada. I was born and raised in Ottawa and I am happily maried with five boys and one grandaughter.

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Kaniengehaga of Kana:tso (Chaudiere Falls) Reserve Recognition Request

July 4, 2017

Since April 15, 1903, the Kaniengehaga of Kana:tso have been evicted and displaced from their Lower Canada Historical Rights Bearing Community located in Gatineau, Quebec. Presently, the appointed Chief of this disbanded community, Jason (Rotisken'rakehte) Arbour, has prepared a "Recognition Requisition" for Minister Carolyn Bennett and the Department of Indian Affairs as requested by Carolyn Bennett back on April 15th of 2014 when she was Aboriginal Affairs Critic for the Liberal Party, see attached letter.

Chief Arbour has requested a meeting with Minister Carolyn Bennett, to share truth and reconcile, accompanied with Archaeological Records, Historical Library, and Archives content as well as modern day evidence.

Chief Arbour is awaiting accommodation to convince AANDC-INAC that they are currently sitting on his ancestral lands, see provided e-mail. Chief Arbour plans on re-establishing his unextinguished and inalienable historical rights to his ancestral community located at the Chaudiere Falls. 


She:kon Minister Bennett,

 I, Jason (Rotisken'rakehte) Arbour have been appointed Chief and Legal Representative of our First Nation Kana:tso.

In March 2014, you granted me the privilege of sharing my perspective on the Indigenous history of Ottawa/Gatineau.

At our meeting, you had not had the opportunity to view the extensive collection of documentation that would support our recognition. In your letter thanking me for sharing this most important matter with you, you had suggested I contact the Minister of Indigenous Affairs to provide my research. 

 I am proud to state, I have prepared a recognition requisition for you and your Department of Indigenous Affairs. I am requesting a four-hour meeting with your department, so I, along with a few band members, can give a presentation supported by legal documentation that will show that we are indeed the legitimate beneficiaries to the Chaudiere Falls and the Ottawa/Gatineau region of Canada.   

Our intention is not to remove or take away from anyone, or entity, our intention is to be included in Canada's Social, Political, and Economic Development while re-establishing our inalienable, inherited rights to our traditional burial grounds. Canada has an entrusted fiduciary duty to ensure our Indigenous rights are protected and respected. 

 I have met my obligation diligently and respectfully while working extremely hard to represent my sub-nations interest of re-establishment. Will you and members of the Canadian Government show good will and grant our band this opportunity to reconcile truthfully?


Jason (Rotisken'rakehte) Arbour

Chief and Legal Representative

TKFN at tsit-kanaja@hotmail.com