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Nepean, Ontario
About the author

Former Federal Government employee who has lived in Craig Henry for 30 years. If I wanted to live downtown, I would have bought a house there. Nepean is not downtown!

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Unhappy Nepean Customer Of Extremification

April 3, 2013

To: Ken Gray

As most of you are aware, there is a condo to be built on the corner of Greenbank Road and Craig Henry Drive. Over a year ago, a builder purchased three properties. More than 90 per cent of the residents of Craig Henry were opposed to a six-storey condo, especially Wade Court, as five properties would be facing this in their back yard.

We had several meetings with City officials, “Petitions were signed stating”:
- this condo is being built on one of the busiest corners in Craig Henry.
- it will cause traffic congestion.
- parking will be a problem.
- safety. 2 schools and two churches in the area.
- loss of sunlight in some backyards.
- most buildings in the area approximately 10 metres in height.

The city conducted a peer review on all of the above and came to the conclusion that instead of a six-storey condo, a five-storey and three-storey step down would be better. A so-called compromise between the city and residents. And why did we accept this? Better a five-storey than a six-storey. From 10 metres to 16 metres. Did the city councillors listen to the residents of Nepean?

It is all about more taxes, about the builders, about what is best for the City. Some of us have lived in Craig Henry for 30 years or more. In those 30 years, I only was told by one person that it would be nice to have a condo in the area for downsizing, and that person was a real-estate agent. This condo was not what the residents of the community wanted. At the first meeting, I asked the first question to the builder: “Would you like a condo to be built facing your back yard”? I ask all the councillors and Mayor the same question.

There is a song by Leonard Cohen called “everybody knows”.

R. McCarthy