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Morgan Duchesney is an Ottawa writer and martial arts instructor committed to adding context to public discourse on issues of national and international importance. His works on political economy, war, commerce and martial arts have appeared in Adbusters, Humanistic Perspectives, the Ottawa Citizen and the National Library of Australia. 

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Ford’s Cone of Climate Silence

August 28, 2018

dismay at the success of Doug Ford's "everyman" shtick

Ford’s Cone of Climate Silence

Like Stephen Harper and Donald Trump, Doug Ford has chosen to silence government scientists who might shed light on climate change. Were these researchers to deny the human role in catastrophic weather events; Ford would spare no effort to broadcast their findings. Unfortunately, he and his advisors can depend on the following information.

Humanity's general eagerness to be conned and manipulated must be genetic. Enthusiastic gullibility has existed since the beginning of history in every culture and nation. There is nothing unique about Doug Ford and the simplistic philosophy he has been convinced to peddle. Concealing contradictory facts while appealing to short-term, economic self-interest has proven to be a remarkably successful strategy.

If you voted for Doug Ford’s party as an antidote to Kathleen Wynn, I understand. However, since I didn’t support either of these premiers; I still endure governments that others deserve. I think you know what to do.