Germany lets down its allies once again | Unpublished

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Ottawa, Ontario
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I am the founder of Unpublished Media Inc., a company I started in 2012. I am also a communications professional and community activist, living in Nepean, Ontario. And, I am a hockey goaltender, political hack and most importantly, an advocate for grassroots, participatory democracy at all levels of government.

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Germany lets down its allies once again

May 14, 2024
Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany

What is German Chancellor Olaf Scholz afraid of? 

I was really disappointed to hear again that Germany is refusing to help create a no-fly zone over Ukraine. The world has never known Germans to be cowards, but here we are in the 21st Century and their leftwing government appears to be as soft as it gets. They don’t mind turning the financial screws on other EU nations like Greece, but, when it comes to standing up  militarily for European nations, the EU and their NATO allies, they are no where to be found. 

“A few missiles here, a few guns there” won’t cut it when the entire Russian economy is geared toward winning the war in Ukraine and re-establishing the Russian Czarist empire in Eastern Europe from the last millennium.

No one likes war and no one wants to die, but you can’t shrink in the face of a megalomaniac bully willing to wage war on the world because his ego is bruised. As we saw with Hitler in WWII, there is no stopping these people until far too much damage has been done, unless you act decisively when it’s required.

A no-fly zone is not an aggressive tactic, it’s defensive.  So no, Russia will not attack Germany again if Germany stands up now and plays a leading role in defending Ukrainian civilians from Russian missile attacks. They will be shocked and will reconsider Europe’s commitment to keeping Russia  at bay. 

If the government of Olaf Scholz is truly leftwing and therefore believes in human rights, I suggest it put its money where its mouth is and show us how important their ideals are. Are you going to stand up to fascism or are you going to shrink away like a violet, as you are doing now? 

Stand up and be a man Scholz, your soul will thank-you. As will every soul in Ukraine.