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Canada's Carbon Tax

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March 28, 2024

Canada's Carbon Tax

You would have to live under a rock in this country if you haven’t heard the clarion call, “Axe the tax!’

The federal government’s latest increase to the carbon tax is set to rise on April 1st. First introduced in 2019 at $20 a tonne, the latest increase will see it rise from $65 a tonne to $80 a tonne. Has it become Politicized?

Conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre calls it a 23% increase. The Liberals point out it’s about 3 cents a litre.

Our Unpublished Vote question asks: Do you receive the Canada Carbon Rebate?

You can cast your vote on this topic when the link appears below. Don’t forget to email your MP afterwards, using our tool, to them why you think what you do.

All comments on the website will be entered into a draw for a one-year membership.


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Our Unpublished vote poll question...

Do you receive the Canada Carbon Rebate?

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If you haven’t voted yet, you can do so — VOTE HERE


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