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This week's issue

Russian-Ukrainian War: Is it Genocide?

Posted on 
May 6, 2022

Russian-Ukrainian War

Six weeks of bombing and shelling by Russian forces in Ukraine continue unabated. Ukrainian cities lie in ruins while mass graves have been discovered. The town of Bucha is ground zero for the call of "genocide" which now echoes around the world. Is it genocide? 


Canada's MPs unanimously approved a motion to call Russia's attack, genocide.  US President Biden and other world leaders have made the same accusation. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said it as well, citing "attacks on Russian speaking people in the eastern part of the country by Ukraine" as genocide against Russia. The term itself is very political and in need of thorough investigation. 


Listen to the podcast, read the articles, cast your vote and email your MP to tell them why you think what you do.


And, then please take a moment to check out the new website for political discussion and debate in Canada, and consider becoming a member as we continue to build into a Canada's premium forum for political discussion. 

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Our Unpublished vote poll question...

Does Russia's war on Ukraine amount to genocide?

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Senior Fellow in International Affairs, Carleton University

Author and writer for Canadian Dimensions

HRREC, University of Ottawa