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Russian-Ukrainian War

The Russian-Ukrainian War: Is it Genocide?

Russian-Ukrainian War: Is it Genocide?

Posted on May 14, 2022

Six weeks of bombing and shelling by Russian forces in Ukraine continue unabated. Ukrainian cities lie in ruins while mass graves have been discovered. The town of Bucha is ground zero for the call of "genocide" which now echoes around the world. Is it genocide?

Canada's MPs unanimously approved a motion to call Russia's attack, genocide.  US President Biden and other world leaders have made the same accusation. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said it as well, citing "attacks on Russian speaking people in the eastern part of the country by Ukraine" as genocide against Russia. The term itself is very political and in need of thorough investigation.

Listen to the podcast, read the articles, cast your vote and then email your MP to tell them why you think what you do.

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June 2, 2022

I voted: YesI have been keeping up with this war, that the Russian,s started with the Ukraine,since day one.The leader of the Russian,s soldier,s Mr. Putin,has been lyeing to his soldier,s and everyone else about the Ukraine people.He never ever had a good word to say about them but lyes.Putin got his soldiers to do this genocide to the Ukraine people.Men, women,and kids,Putin had no remorse for what his soldiers did to the Ukraine people.I hope Putin,and his soldier,s get punish for what they have done.

May 22, 2022

I voted: NoWhat is happening in Ukraine amounts to Crimes against humanity. Shelling civilians, Mass rapes, and criminal acts by Russian troops are all being ignored by the Russian C&C structure.

This MUST stop. Canada must do more for the people of Ukraine and to bring the Perpetrators of these crimes to justice.

May 18, 2022

I voted: YesI am very disappointed in Canada for not speaking up sooner to the genocide happening in Ukraine. What Putin has done is tantamount to genocide since Russia has bombed only civilians - a maternity hospital, a movie theater. Even the soldiers on the ground are committing war crimes. Why did it take you so long to address this to the Hague and why has only the countries with a lot more to lose because of the bombings continuing in Ukraine - Poland being the first country to step and play a role in saving Ukrainians escaping putting them in the cross hairs of a maniac who has continually threatened to use nuclear weapons and who has in all probability rec'd help from China. As my mother would have told you - get your head out of your ??? and do something positive for someone else.

May 17, 2022

I voted: NoI think that and anyone who voted Yes needs to look up the meaning of the word genocide because they obviously don't know it.

Genocide is what the US and Canadian governments deliberately did to First Nations through their policies and actions. What Russia is doing is merely a military action. Exactly the same type of military action carried out by the US and British around the world in numerous countries. I don't recall seeing the word 'genocide' being used to describe what they were doing.

May 17, 2022

The West doesn't take offensive action unless there is cause. Of course there are examples like the first Iraq war where the reason was manufactured and the public was not informed until afterwards. But for the most part, the US and UK do not go around invading countries in an attempt to occupy them and destroy their government like Russia has in Ukraine. Under false pretences of course as its not fascism they are trying to destroy but rather democracy. It's not remotely the same in my opinion. 

May 14, 2022

I voted: YesSuch a sad situation. And to make things worse, Putin thinks he can make up for his dismal failure by targeting and killing civilians. The guy has a screw loose.

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