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Is Extremism in Canada on the rise?

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March 7, 2022

Extremism in Canada: Is it on the rise?


Canadians like to think we’re more tolerant, nicer, more welcoming than our American neighbours. The images of racial conflict in the US are prevalent, but when something like that occurs north of the 49th parallel, we’re shocked. Should we be?

The freedom convoy is out of downtown Ottawa but the 3-week occupation is something the residents won’t soon forget. As the collection of truckers made their way across the country, there were rumblings that other groups were using the movement for their own gain. The Confederate and Nazi flags that were seen on the first weekend solidified that view for many. Extremism in Canada has increased 320% over the last 5-years according to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

Our Unpublished Vote question this week asks:

Do you feel “extremism” is on the rise in Canada?

Our audience response so far...

  • Yes      = 41.6%
  • No        = 56.4%
  • Unsure = 2.5%

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Joining us tonight to discuss the rise of extremism in Canada...

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Our Unpublished vote poll question...

Do you feel 'extremism' is on the rise in Canada?

The results so far:

Yes =      
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