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Liberal-NDP Cooperation Pact

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April 4, 2022

Liberal-NDP Cooperation Pact

Will The Liberal -NDP Supply and Confidence Agreement run it’s full course or will the honeymoon end before 2025? Hello and welcome to Unpublished TV. 


About two weeks ago, the parties unwrapped their agreement which would see the NDP support the minority government for progress on some NDP priorities, namely dental care and a pharma program. This is different than a coalition government which it is often referred. For one, no NDP members would be in Cabinet which is often a result in a coalition. The Conservatives, whom are in the middle of a leadership race, call it “backdoor socialism” and “undemocratic “. 


Our Unpublished dot vote question asks, Will the supply and confidence agreement between the two last until 2025? Yes, No or Unsure.

The results of our survey find


0% Yes

88:46 No

11.54 Unsure


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Nelson Wiseman Professor Emeritus Dept. Political Science University of Toronto @UofT_PolSci

Tasha Kheiriddin Columnist National Post @TashaKheiriddin

Tom Parkin Commentator/ Columnist @TomPark1n

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Our Unpublished vote poll question...

Will the supply and confidence agreement between the two last until 2025?

The results so far:

Yes =      
No =      
Unsure =      

If you haven’t voted yet, you can do so — VOTE HERE


Professor, Political Studies

University of Toronto 

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