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DeepFake And The War On Truth 2.0

Posted on February 21, 2019

Earlier this week, Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer, Stephane Perrault told House of Commons Committee, that there is very little in his tool box to deal with “fake news” about candidates or their parties during an election. Outright lies on social media about those seeking office can’t be regulated by Elections Canada.

We’ve all seen those hatchet jobs on candidates which turn their electoral dreams into nightmares. Now imagine we ratchet that up a few notches to the point where someone creates a realistic video of that candidate in say a compromising position? Perhaps infidelity or criminal actions. But, the key is; it never happened.

Welcome to the War on Truth 2.0 and it’s all driven by sophisticated technology. This is what’s known as “DeepFake”. Video technology that can create video of you so realistic, that it’s difficult to differentiate fact from fiction. Some of this technology has only been available to big movie companies so price made it prohibitive for most to get in..

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