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COVID: Vaccine Mandates

Vaccine Mandates

COVID Vaccine Mandates

Posted on September 19, 2021

Remember when the pandemic started more than a year and a half ago? Lockdowns, masks, fear of the unknown. A vaccine against Covid-19 would spare us those restrictions and pave the way back to normal, or as normal as we might see.

But it hasn’t. Now we have a divide between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated over mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports. Which side are you on

Not only have we had to wrestle with the pandemic and the battle over the unvaccinated, it comes in the middle of a federal election campaign. When put to the public, in both cases, the majority of Canadians support mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports. That doesn’t seem to matter to those who oppose vaccines, to the point of protesting in front of hospitals. The places that have been overwhelmed since the beginning of the pandemic.

Coming up on the, we’ll talk about the decision for some employers to make vaccines mandatory as a condition of employment. As well, will vaccine passports make indoor gatherings safer or just a hinderance? 

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