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Autonomous ride hailing of a driverless EV-taxi (aka robo-taxi) has the potential to cause significant disruption to the automotive manufacturing, parts,... more
July 12, 2022
This election is going to be crucial for Ontario. Not only are we dealing with the ongoing climate crisis, but we are faced with a poorly supported healthcare... more
May 4, 2022
One of the most crucial methods of minimizing the destruction of war is to accurately identify which side of the war is engaging in aggression and which side... more
March 15, 2022
As our data from last week showed, the so-called freedom convoy has been a polarizing issue for Canadians. As tensions continue to run high here in Ottawa and... more
February 21, 2022
For those aspiring to the most influential office in Canada, there are a few distinct qualifications that are ideal or absolutely crucial.  Specifically, any... more
February 17, 2022
Whether it was implemented at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as some health experts expected, or now as we near the end of the Omicron variant, I... more
February 15, 2022
There was a point in time during which largely-ordinary and respectable Canadians could and did support the so-called "Freedom Convoy", a convoy including both... more
February 2, 2022
The ongoing pandemic has been a test run of the capacity of government to address further potential or inevitable crises of the future, from climate change to ... more
January 27, 2022
Almost every week in local media, we see advertisements for non-profit charities seeking board members to help govern their organizations. And when we visit... more
January 10, 2022
It was a happy and restful Christmas Eve afternoon. I was catching up on some group work when I saw the notification that a post had been declined in my... more
January 1, 2022
A number of cynics of politics might feel a sense of deja vu in response to remarks by Liberal Party of Ontario Leader Steven Del Ducca at that party's Annual... more
December 20, 2021
Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City (OBEC) is an organization dedicated to pursuing an "environmentally sustainable City that support a high quality of life, now and for... more
December 7, 2021
On the evening of October 7th, I had the privilege of attending the organization Shake Up the Establishment‘s “Movers & Shakers Climate Crash Course.” The... more
December 6, 2021
What do we do about urban trees? New approaches to the character and quality of urban and suburban life have to include a shift in the landscape of these... more
December 4, 2021
Last week I was reading about two things happening soon on Parliament Hill. The first was that the Carillion on the Peace Tower will go silent as soon as... more
December 1, 2021