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Canada should end 1-China policy

May 25, 2024
Trudeau and Xi

The 1- China policy is communist propaganda and should be ended in Canada because we all know there are many different cultural groups and geographic regions in China that do not share the same view of life as Chairman Xi, like Taiwan, the people of Hong Kong, Tibet, the Uyghurs, etc.

With China’s mock invasion of Taiwan over the last three days it’s become very clear that China is serious about invading Taiwan. Something the West and especially Canada should take at face value and respond quickly.

China’s interference in Canada’s elections over the last two cycles, including the unlawful imprisonment of the two Michaels, is a clear indication of China’s lack of respect for Canada. In Canada, when you show no respect, you get no respect. China hates being disrespected. It’s the one thing that really pisses them off (I've been told it stems back to the Opium wars). So, it’s time to show them what we really think.

Since the 1-China policy is a false claim and really just communist propaganda, it’s time we end the facade of a 1-China and return to fully embracing the existence of Taiwan as an independent, democratic nation. A true ally and trusted trading partner. 

Yes, this will likely harm trade with China, but what better way to get our message across that violence is not the answer than by seriously reducing economic ties?  We don’t need their cheap, poorly made slave and child labour products anyway.Nor do we need to fuel their industrial military complex with Canadian oil. 

Why is the West propping up a geopolitical rival? We saw what they did to Nortel in Canada through corporate/government espionage, yet for some unknown reason we still seem to think it’s to our advantage to embrace an authoritarian state that wants nothing more than to destroy us. It simply is not. 

China is not a self-sustainable country. It needs to import food and natural resources in order for its economy and society to operate. Cutting it off from the West will send its economy into a tailspin. The Chinese people are already on edge after Covid and their government’s zero tolerance policies. It’s unlikely their populace would put up with a major economic recession of the government’s own making. Not to mention the numerous development scandals that haunt Xi's government. 

Taiwan deserves our unwavering support for holding fast to their democratic ideals and the freedom they bring. If we want to protect Taiwan from future Chinese military action, the West needs to take action by confronting Chinese propaganda and aggression head-on, and by truly threatening China's economic stability. Only with a stiff (back of the) hand will Xi understand the real consequences of his actions. 

Let’s start defending Taiwan for real before it’s too late. Canada can take the political lead by calling out the lie of their being only one China.

Read the report Canada and Taiwan: A Strong Relationship in Turbulent Times in pdf below. >