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Should NATO put boots on the ground to defend Ukraine?

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March 21, 2022

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

More than 10 million Ukrainians or 1/4 of the population, have fled their homeland nearly a month after Russia began shelling its neighbor. It has created a humanitarian crisis. While not referred to as a war in Russia but rather a “special military operation”, the aim is to remove the current Ukrainian government.

While most of the West has levelled punishing economic sanctions on Russia, others have stood by Russia’s aggression. Ukraine has made no qualms about joining NATO which Russia sees as provocation, despite Ukraine being a sovereign nation. NATO members have rejected a no-fly zone over Ukraine for fear of being dragged further into the fray.

Our Unpublished Vote question this week asks: Should NATO put boots on the ground to defend Ukraine?

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Our Unpublished vote poll question...

Should NATO put boots on the ground to defend Ukraine?

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