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The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Should NATO put boots on the ground to defend Ukraine?

Posted on March 13, 2022

In the early morning of February 24th the world woke up to an invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Almost 200,000 Russian forces had been congregated along the Russian—Ukrainian border under the claim of “military training”. For some, it was a signal that an invasion was imminent. Where will it lead the world?

All apologies to those who thought the Cold War was over, but here we are. While Russia has the numbers and firepower, the Russian army is being held back by Ukraine. And, while Vladimir Putin watches from the Kremlin, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has taken up arms with his forces, while still communicating with world leaders.

The scenes of destruction are devastating for those on the outside. NATO members have been offering assistance in the form of equipment but will not enforce a No-Fly Zone out of fear of escalating the conflict. 

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May 27, 2024

I voted: YesHad Biden not been a moron and told Putin that the US wouldn't put any troops in Ukraine, Putin likely wouldn't have invaded in the first place. Just a few token troops to indicate that the US was ready to keep it's promise to Ukraine when they gave up their nukes, probably would have averted the war in the first place!!!

May 25, 2024

I voted: YesTwo years later NATO needs to do more to support Ukraine's defences. I would like to see NATO create a no-fly zone over Ukraine at a very minimum.

December 5, 2022

I voted: NoCanada should first clean up its own backyard and get a new prime minister

October 17, 2022

I voted: YesNATO and countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, etc, should all join Ukraine and obliterate the Russians, then, hunt them far into Russia, and break it apart in smaller nations. #RussiaIsATerroristState! There isn’t a place in this world for a country like Russia, they brought hell on Earth, we’re living human-made real nightmare!!!

It’s time to end Russia NOW!!!

April 11, 2022

I voted: YesDear Mark.
We are a peace organization who have put boots on the ground in Papua New Guinea and have ended warfare between 20 villages. These villages have been fighting off and on for 50 years. Today they live at peace. Since 2019 they have lived peaceably with each other. They have burned their guns, spears, arrows and even bush knives. A strict new code of conduct is in place. If you fight, you lose our partnership for development. So for us to turn and support "boots on the ground in Ukraine" is the last thing we would ask for. However this is an illegal war by a cruel and oppressive war criminal who needs to be brought to justice and live out the rest of his days in one of the worlds worst prisons available. I am not one for wishing things on my enemies, but Putin is a war maniac purposely targeting innocent civilians and children and bent on turning Ukraine and its citizens into dust. War with Russia is inevitable. The question is, is whether NATO is going to boot Russia out of Ukraine or become dust itself, giving into this dictators rule.

March 23, 2022

I voted: NoAbsolutely put boots on the ground. The world watched Hitler before acting soon enough and he slaughtered over 6 million souls before all was said and done. Not including those who died to stop him.

March 22, 2022

I voted: YesThe NATO doesn't look effective in people's thoughts at this moment. It looks weak and wounded. How many death of Ukrainian civilians do you need to get an action and show your effectiveness. #Close the airspace over the Ukraine. #Stop Putin. #Stop the war in Ukraine.

March 21, 2022

I voted: YesFreedom fo all.

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