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Bill C-21: Canada's New Gun Legislation

UnpublishedTV: Bill C-21 Canada's New Gun Legislation

Bill C-21; Canada’s New Gun Legislation

Posted on February 26, 2021

Is there anything else that fires up Canadians more than gun legislation? There is no middle ground. Both sides of the debate are entrenched in their views.

Almost one year ago, one of the worst shooting attacks on Canadian soil saw 22 people killed in Nova Scotia over a 16 hour period. The guns in question were illegal in this country originating in the USA. In response to the carnage is Bill C 21, new gun legislation that bans more than 15 hundred types of assault rifles as well as new thresholds for muzzle energy. It would also allow municipalities to legislate a handgun ban in their jurisdiction.

The previous gun registry turned into a financial sinkhole the last time around. Will Bill C-21 be any different?

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November 5, 2023

I voted: NoTypical of this government, optics being spun as effective legislation.

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