Bill-96: Protecting the French language | Unpublished

Bill 96: Protecting the French language

Bill 96: Protecting the French language

Bill-96: Protecting the French language

Posted on May 29, 2021

All apologies to those who glaze over when discussion arises about language or “Distinct Society”, with flashes of Meech Lake and Charlottetown. With Quebec’s Bill-96, that could be where we’re headed.

Quebec provincial Bill-96 will firmly entrench the French language as the only official language of the province. Quebec Premier, Francois Legault, wants to open up the Constitution to recognize the Province as a nation. On the horizon, there may be a Minister of French language as well as a Commissioner of French to enforce the new language rules.

Bill-96 also comes with generous use of the “notwithstanding clause” to get what it wants. It brings up a number of questions… What about Quebec anglophones and their rights? As well, can a province open up the Constitution to make changes and do it without a debate?

All this and much more is discussed on the UnpublishedCafe podcast. Listen to the podcast, read Bill-96, media articles and opinion pieces on this issue and then cast your vote and email your MP to tell them why you think what you do! 

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