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Liberal-NDP Cooperation Pact

Liberal-NDP Cooperation Pact

Liberal-NDP Cooperation Pact

Posted on March 31, 2022

The whispers circling around Parliament became louder this week as the federal Liberals and NDP announced a "supply and confidence agreement", which could keep the Liberals in power until 2025. Will it last that long? 


The talks were off and on since January and really ramped up udring the Ottawa occupation by the so-called trucker convoy. The deal means the NDP will support the Liberals on a number of politics they mutually agree upon. Think dental care and pharmacare. It will also see the NDP support the Liberals on confidence votes like budgets. It could spare Canadians a trip to the ballot box for three years.


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April 1, 2022

I voted: NoTrudeau has already thrown Singh under the bus. Singh better take charge or the answer on this will be yes. Trudeau will Promise everything till 2025. Trudeau likes to destroy everyone in his path.

April 1, 2022

I voted: NoCan’t say I like it, but it does bring more stability to our government during a time of war.

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